ScrumTisch in cooperation with Carpus+Partner AG

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In an increasingly dynamic and volatile environment, also the construction industry is permanently exposed to change processes. Traditional methods of project management based on the linear waterfall model are increasingly reaching their limits, which is manifested, for example, by incorrect planning, missed budgets and deadlines. The culture and thought patterns in construction projects are often characterized by distrust, conflicts and legal disputes. Particularly in the context of the increasing shortage of skilled workers, the desire for harmonious and partnership-based business relationships as well as attractive working environments in the construction industry is becoming louder. In this context, the question arises whether the application of agile methods in a process of construction planning that is fundamentally shaped by creativity and thinking in variants could provide answers to the problems described. Therefore, focus of this event are collective considerations for a possible adaptation of agile methods to the planning phase of construction projects.

In cooperation with the general planning company Carpus+Partner AG, we are organizing the Aachen Scrum Table on the topic of "Scrum in the Building Industry" on February 10, 2020 and look forward to enriching the event with a short lecture.

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