Climate-neutral concrete


A contribution to climate-friendly construction

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A significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is elementary for compliance with the internationally defined climate and environmental protection targets. The construction industry, and in particular the cement and transport industry, plays a decisive role in the realization of the defined action targets.

Within the framework of the "Climate-neutral concrete" research project, possible measures for reducing the environmental impact of ready-mixed concrete are to be derived. The measures developed are to be evaluated qualitatively with regard to concrete properties and the construction process by means of an index system to be developed.

How can the transport industry contribute to the climate neutrality of concrete construction?

  • Potentials and consequences from changes in the use of raw materials
  • Potentials in the field of plant technology
  • Potentials in the field of transport technology
  • Potentials in the use of concrete

The project was initiated by the Institute for Building Materials of the Leibniz University of Hanover and is supported by the ICoM, especially in the development of the evaluation scheme and in the investigation of the design process.