Automation of construction processes


Tomorrow's construction will be supported by automation and robotics along the entire value chain. This involves both the small innovations and intelligent assistance systems, as well as the fundamental transformation of entire production approaches. The research focus digitalization and automation of construction production includes the development of leap innovations in the entire value chain through digitalization as well as upstreaming of construction processes, data-based automation using intelligent systems and the use of autonomously acting construction robotics.

The use of forward-looking technologies, intelligent systems and robots along the value chain in the construction sector offers enormous potential and added value through the use of data and the automation of processes. In the long term, this will significantly change and automate processes in the construction industry, while at the same time increasing their efficiency and quality and boosting overall productivity. In the process, the systems, machines or robots always interact with the human counterpart and act as a profitable support.

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The ICoM explores the possibilities of using robots on tomorrow's construction sites. Due to the unique character of each building, the individual operating processes and specific site conditions, there is a huge need for research into the automation of construction processes. The use and area-effective establishment of robotic systems should increase the efficiency of processes and improve occupational safety in the future. The focus is primarily on the implementation of construction robotics in small and medium-sized companies.