Optimization of processes and workflows – Digitalization of building constructions

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The research focus Digitalization of Building Construction includes the integration of digital methods in the field of building construction - the integration of the Building Information Modeling method from the design and construction phase to operation.


Quality management in the project cycle

The quality of a building is one of the most important target variables. Through the use of new technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, computer vision and, in the overarching sense, Building Information Modeling, new methods for quality assurance in construction are being developed at ICoM.

Data reconciliation of actual and target data and intelligent evaluation systems can be the focus of investigations. Through data-driven quality assurance, previously manual processes can be (partially) automated with a high degree of accuracy.


Industrial building

Also, against the background of using human labor as a valuable resource as efficiently as possible in the future, the need for new methods and construction methods is developing. In the research focus area, approaches are being developed on how the construction process can be transferred from the building site to industrial prefabrication, and how building structures can be broken down into individual components and processed in digitalized manufacturing processes.