BIM for Federal Buildings

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As the public owner of federal buildings, the federal government plays a special role in the perception of the business community and the public as a role model and driving force. At the same time, it must develop innovative strength and ensure the implementation of the most important construction policy goals such as functional justice, economic efficiency and adherence to schedules.

Against this background and in context of the digital transformation and the gradual introduction of BIM in the federal construction organization, the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community and the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Defense have commissioned the preparation of the Master Plan BIM for Federal Buildings as a strategy paper for the implementation of the BIM method.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klemt-Albert, the BIM Master Plan for Federal Buildings has been developed at the Institute for Construction Management and Digitalization together with GmbH. The master plan describes the step-by-step implementation and application of the digital working method, taking into account the organizational, legal and technological constraints in federal construction. With the implementation of the master plan, the potential of digitalization for federal buildings will be exploited and concrete specifications for implementation will be made. It is essential for the digital transformation process that all stakeholders are involved, and hence that the construction industry is provided with transparent information and, last but not least, that the employees of the construction administrations of the federal states are qualified. At the heart of the strategy is a target picture that sets a specific time horizon for the introduction of BIM in federal buildings. For example, the use of the BIM method at Level I will be mandatory from fall 2022 for all new construction measures to be planned in the civil and military sectors.

Project partner:

  • Institute for Construction Management and Digitalization
  • GmbH

Contact person:

  • Konrad Neubaur

Duration: 03/2020 until 05/2021