Research Focus


The ibp-chair’s and institute’s research activities arise out of application-oriented support programs of research organizations and networking with actors of the German building industry.

The different activities in areas of research, processing, consulting and training mainly concentrate on strategic and organizational development for organizations as well as companies in building industries (employers such as construction industry, public and private-sector). Moreover, construction-related project- and process management as well as human resource development are dealt with.

Additionally, emphasis is put on models of organization and management processes for planning, construction and necessary professional skills of the people involved. Customer perspective (benefit, customer satisfaction, customer guidance) and real estate project management including its entire life cycle are in the focus as well. Suggestions and transformation approaches arise out of Complexity Management and ecological production methods.

In the following, current fields of research and development are listed:

  • Strategic construction- and project management
  • Strategic business development
  • Development of “performance-organizations” on all levels of construction business
  • Capacity of major projects
  • Multi-project management
  • Project- and process optimization, Lean Construction, complex process management
  • Increase of time efficiency in construction industry, increase of throughput
  • The competitive dialogue in context of partnership models
  • Development of competence in construction- project management
  • Risk management systems
  • Culture of cooperation in construction projects, organization of team cultures
  • Perspectives of environmental management for the German construction industry, a strategic model for public employers in civil engineering
  • Development of innovative and practicable control mechanisms in order to support employment subject to social insurance contribution

Another main focus is represented by the development of construction methods. In this context, emphasis is put on sewage systems, micro-tunneling and management strategy of disposal networks.