Exam-Results and Post-Exam Reviews



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General Information

Regarding course contents and necessary examination performance the details of every course of study and the relevant examination and study regulations are binding and will be published by the RWTH Aachen in "official announcement”.

In case of contradiction the details of the RWTH Online System of RWTH Aachen are applicable by priority.

Venues and duration of events as well as announcements of the Chair of Construction Business and Project Management can be looked into the RWTH Online as well. Updates with regard to content including modifications are made continuously.

Examination modalities

Room disposition and timing for the respective examination dates can be looked at RWTH Online System
Please consider the Information on examination of the Chair of Construction Business and Project Management.

Examination results

Please refer to the information from the Moodle platform (assessment) for your current status of your preliminary examination performances at the chair. A successfully completed prerequisite is confirmed with the number ‘1’ in the column ‘Vorleistungen’.

The examination results can be found at RWTH Online System and the Moodle platform.

Post-Exam Reviews

Powers of attorney: A complete power of attorney must be presented when the examination is inspected by a representative of the examiner. In order to avoid uncertainties regarding the acceptance of the power of attorney, we explicitly recommend that you use the form Written Authority. Please note that powers of attorney written by yourself must have equivalent content. To be considered equivalent, a power of attorney must contain the following: name of the exam; date of the exam; examiner; declaration of intent of the person who wrote the exam (i.e. the authorisor: specified with name and matriculation number) to authorize the person who is to be authorized to inspect the exam and to exercise the rights of the authorizer (Authorized person: Specified with name, date and place of birth); place, date and signature of the authorizer!

(A copy of official identification documents of the principal may not be requested and kept on file).

Access cannot be granted without verification of the identity of the authorised representative(s). The authorised representative must present an official identification document with a photograph (identity card, passport, drivers licence or similar) to verify his/her identity (copies of the identification document may not be requested and retained).