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Head of Department Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainard Osebold
Lecturing Course
Digital Transformation in Construction management Martin Rausch
Building abroad Martin Rausch
Life Cycle of Building Projects David Klein
Construction Methods I Markus Kirchhartz
Construction Methods Master
Claim Management
Dirk Gossmann
Construction Contract Law, Construction Contract Management Martin Rausch
Claim Management Martin Rausch
Dialog mit der Praxis Sven Mackenbach
Knowledge for individual trades regarding finishing works of turn-key construction projects Caroline Kothes
Human Resource Management
Project Development of Property Sven Mackenbach
Institute Intership Sven Mackenbach
Interdisciplinary Factory Planning Martin Rausch
Projektmanagement I Martin Rausch
Projektmanagement Master Martin Rausch
Project Study Sven Mackenbach
Project Study Dirk Gossmann
Strategy, Organization, Processes Caroline Kothes
Basics of Economic Studies & Construction Economies Caroline Kothes
Information on Study Programes
Erasmus, Acknowledgement of Examinations
Caroline Kothes
Organization of Exams and Examinations Issues

Sven Mackenbach

Civil Engineering Specialization

Caroline Kothes

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